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Healing Program

Healing is at the heart of everything we do at FORWRD. We believe that everyone needs to take the time to heal and this program will help everyone ranging from the serious athlete to those just beginning with movement. 

The initial healing assessment is required so that our staff can get a clear idea of how we can best aid in your personal healing and assess your performance in the poses. From this assessment you will receive personalized feedback that you will aid your work during classes.

Healing Assesment


>> 60 to 90 minute 1 on 1 personal review of course material and class objectives

>> Provides Personalized feedback & class content

>> Objective regimen discussion with trainer

Healing Class Pass

$180 >> $20 per class

$25 Single Class Pass

  10% Discount for pairs

  >> 9 Class Passes

  >> Access to any Healing Level Class

Passes can be shared with Friends & Family!

Healing Classes


This class teaches active alignment as well as fascial & trigger point release techniques that will stimulate the body’s energy center to increase wellness, balance & overall vitality.

We Rollin'

An hour of rolling, releasing, and recovery for you body. We will start with the basics and each class will
focus on different parts of the body. You will leave feeling lighter, looser, and more relaxed

Hatha Yoga that facilitates the free flow of vitality of body and mind, which in turn allows us to study more deeply matters of spirit.