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Raquel and Dayna both offer Personal Training & Reiki services. These are a great choice for those interested in the most personal experience and training regimen possible. We will work with you to achieve your goals and find new ways to move FORWRD together. 

Individual Sessions

>> with Raquel: $75 per hour

>> with Dayna: $60 per hour


>> with Raquel: $540 ($60 per session)

>> with Dayna: $432 ($48 per session)

20% off individual session costs

Partners & Groups

 >> Session for 2 with Raquel: $110 ($55 per person)

>> Bring a partner to a package session with Raquel: $50

>> Session for 2 with Dayna: $90 ($45 per person) 

>> Bring a partner to a package session with Dayna: $40 

Ask your trainer about groups & family plans